Circle the Wagons

It was 9:30 pm and for me the evening was winding up. I was very proud of myself for lasting as long as I did. But to be honest it was easy as I was host to 4,500 friends, family and neighbours. I had just said good by to my adult family members, they were dancing up at the front of the stage and the image in my head was perfect. They were laughing, dancing and sharing. I got great goodbye hugs and I started walking for the door. I dropped in on my staff at Village and said thanks, told them I was proud and with one last look I took in the whole Circle the Wagons night scene. And a big beautiful, noisy, crazy, chaotic scene it was. It was perfect. Everything I could ask for.

Then Dave Pierce and his family came flying by in a decked out golf cart. They were in crazy costumes. Dave yelled "I love you Jim Button", I yelled back "I love you Dave Pierce" and off they went. I was standing in a big open field by myself in the dark. 

And I cried.

To this day i haven't figured out if I was happy or sad or both. Probably both. Didn't really matter actually, it was a raw and emotional moment. And I loved it. 

Then I got to the parking lot, my son had come back to pick us up (yay) and drive Amanda, her friends and I home. The car ride was loud with laughter and music.

The day had just gotten even better. I was even happier.

But this time I didn't cry. I just smiled.

So let me tell you about the day. A day that started with my brothers.


We hosted our third annual Circle the Wagons Travelling Food, Beer and Music Carnival on September 10th. It was a significant success in large part due to the concept, the weather and a beautiful group of people from Bass Buss, YYCFoodTrucks and of course Village Brewery.

I am very proud of the carnival, it starts off as a family friendly event full of things like a circus school, lego tables, magic acts, photo booths, zorbs, and so much more.

Actually I'm being coy, the best part of the day was none other than the Weiner Dog Races...where weiner hounds raced for the Button Cup in honour of my daughter (poor kid has wanted a weiner dog since the day she was the same size as a little german schnauzer).

Then around 6 pm the transition starts. Moms and Dads start the Rock Scissor Paper game to see who gets to stay and who takes the kids home. The freaks all start showing up, and somehow the music, the fire and the carnival start taking over from the family scene. 

What a day.

But the best part of this year's event was the phenomenol effort my brothers and their families made in order to come out for the weekend. Regina, Waterloo and Hawaii...I love you freaks. 


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