The drug holiday season

Bathtime Rum n' Coke 

Bathtime Rum n' Coke 

One would think I was Catholic with the guilt I am carrying. Actually, I'm over stating the guilt, but certainly carrying some. 

I feel guilty that I haven't taken the time to write a post. I've had so much I have wanted to say but it seems being on this aligned drug and Christmas holiday has kept me so busy being Santa, enjoying people, food and drink and haven't really had the desire to sit down to the computer and drop the thoughts on the keyboard. 

So I feel like I missed a bunch of stories. And I feel a bit bad about that.

I also feel a bit bad about taking a seriously long drug holiday. Dr. R. gave me permission to shorten my drug therapy session in order to better enjoy the holiday with my friends and family.

But typical to my personality I pushed the boundary a bit and never went back on the Sunitinib after my bout of pneumonia.

I've been on a drug holiday since the 15th of December. I just went back on the drug 3 days ago.

And holy #%#$% it has been awesome and so worth it. More on that on next post.

So really, I really don't feel that guilty. I feel a bit bad that I am going to end up writing a bunch of posts right now (unless someone drops by with a beer or something) and I feel a bit bad for not listening to Dr. R., but I am sure he will be cool with it. I'll find out this week - and if I did something really bad, well so be it. 

Cause I carpe diem'd the shit outta this holiday.

The giving season

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