Mountains to Foothills


The weekend started on a Thursday, I was heading up to Lake Louise to participate in a conference and do some skiing with Tracey, my brother Pat and his wife Kathy. The drive out was so beautiful with a combination of rain and sunshine. Saw this beautiful double rainbow.

The conference was actually fairly informative and I took away some great words of wisdom. Had a few beers and a nice meal or two. Went skiing on Saturday and things started to go sideways - only made it till about noon and then packed it in, went back to my room and stayed there till the next day thus missing the final evening of the conference and an evening with the gang.

On Sunday we got up and Tracey took the wheel, we stopped in for a little check-in at the Foothills hospital and I've been here ever since. Actually, after 8 hours I went home then ended up coming back in to stay for the next 5 days. 

I have, or had pancreatitis. My lipase numbers were up to 1680 with the normal high range number being 80. Quite a leap and not one of my favourite top scores. But certainly keeps my streak of beating my brother Pat at everything we compete in.

From Monday to Wednesday I was not allowed food or fluids, only an IV. We needed to give my pancreas a break as the tumour that had increased in size on my pancreas was blocking a duct and causing the pancreatitis.

It hurt quite a bit in my abdomen, hence the reason for coming in. Early season skiing in Lake Louise did not help either.

On Wednesday I went by ambulance to the Peter Lougheed Hospital for an endoscopy (lovely procedure that they do through your mouth) to have a look at the tumour and see if they could put a stent in to give access to the duct. The surgery was a success.

That procedure on it's own could be story but I've been trying to keep the stories simple so all I will say is that I didn't even get to count down from ten and the next thing I knew I was back in my room in the Foothills with Tracey and my nephew Kyle there visiting. 

I napped for a couple of hours and Kyle and I watched soccer and went on an art walk, it was quite a full cultural experience. 

Yesterday morning I gave blood as well as the long list of other tests I do every three or four hours and the results came in with a lipase level of 76.

I’m normal again. Normally I don’t like normal, these days I’m eating it up like it’s ice cream.

Mmmmmm, Sorbetto, ice cream, gelato, Italian ice, hell what I wouldn’t give for some of those right now – but I’m not going to complain as yesterday I got to move to a liquid diet. So far, in the clear fluid diet I’ve had chicken and beef broth, orange and red jello. This morning I had porridge and a glass of milk. Stuffed. Couldn’t possibly eat anything else. Until I'm out which I hope is soon.

Oh, and last night I gave up my room and kinda slept in the hallway. Emergency was heavily backed up. My new roommate told me he was in emerg for 2 nights sleeping in the hallway. No way I wouldn't give up my space knowing that others were suffering that traumatic experience. Especially since I was sure I was going home in a day.  

From the adventure and fun of being in the mountains with family and friends to the challenge of being in hospital for six days. I love adventure, not sure this fits the description but what the hell, why not.

Tracey suggested I should write a post about not worrying about a script for your life...cause you never really know what could happen. This trip has proven that thought to be true.

Live for today, for you never know what tomorrow brings.

But in my world, tomorrow brings sleep and home cooked meal, and ain't nothing more exciting on my horizon.

Or is there?

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