Drug induced emails


I think I was going a bit crazy while I was in the hospital, actually I know I was a bit crazy. It was way way way too long to be lying in bed, not eating, not drinking, not really moving.

Also, I think the pain medication may have had an influence as well. I had to tell them I no longer wanted them as I was getting way too high and feeling kinda gross. Odd, but true.

I was looking back through my communication during that time; here is something I sent. It made me laugh so I thought I should share it with you.

Sitting in the hospital after having surgery yesterday to put a stent in my pancreas. 

Having a ton of fun and I really love hospitals. It's like a bright, noisy, stinky vacation with well timed interruptions for blood, blood sugar counts, blood pressure checks and lovely conversation about whether I've had bowel movements or if I want pain meds yet.

My most recent favourite experiences are the arguments about giving me blood thinners and  why I challenge the need for them when I am up and mobile. The average age of my peers is about 79 and I'm a hot piece of meat around here. The cat calls and stares, while flattering are verging on inappropriate. Very Weinsteinian.

Unfortunately I haven't been able to experience the best part which is the food as I have been restricted to only an IV diet since Monday.

All good, I may insist on busting out tomorrow if they don't give me a good reason to stay. Sometime the free tax paid vacation is the least aligned to my personality.

Kinda funny right!

I now understand how sleep deprivation and malnutrition can really affect mental health. If I stayed a few more days I'm sure they were preparing to water board me.


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