Age of Indulgence

I'm wrapping up 2017 feeling like I am stepping back to the Era of Decadence of the early 1900's.

My pancreatic stint seems to be working like a charm and I am pain free, and in hindsight it seems I have not ben pain free for about 8 months now.

As a result I am eating everything in sight in an attempt to put some weight back on my bones. I lost about 10 pounds in the last month or so and for a guy that has weighed 150 pounds his whole adult life that is quite a bit to lose in a short period of time. 

Three turkey meals, cookies, cakes and pie every time I walk by the kitchen. 

This is heaven. 

I went skiing the last two days and no pain...other than my thighs burning as I am very much out of shape.

I'm in a super awesome spot and just wanted to let you know.

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