I'm James Dalton Trumbo

If you connect with me during the tough days of therapy you will most likely get an email, phone call or text back and unknowingly you will have been communicating with a naked man.

I am channeling my inner James Dalton Trumbo these days and have set up my office in the bathtub as the hot water really helps with my joint pain.

I have a theory on the pain as well but not sure it is something that happens to everyone. The profile of the drug certainly says that joint pain will be one of the side effects, but with me it seems that the drug goes right to places where I already have injuries, almost as though the immunotherapy is attacking spots that still need repair. So my elbow, groin, big toe and neck, all spots that I have chronic injuries from sport, are under attack, or repair in this case.

So beware. If you call me and hear an echo then you are most likely in my office, and in my office Iā€™m always naked.

You have been warned.

Like father like son

Goddam Marathon