Like father like son

Cole/Dan - Ryan/Neil - Desmond/Houman - Jack/Jim - Conner/Pat

Cole/Dan - Ryan/Neil - Desmond/Houman - Jack/Jim - Conner/Pat

Last week I was able to revel in Revelstoke with four other Dads and their sons. It was a bit of an adventurous coming of age trip for these lads as three of them are turning 18. The Dads however were trying hard to act like they were still 18.

We took the lads up to Great Northern Catskiing for 3 days of deep powder skiing and it was awesome. Not just awesome because the snow was deep and the terrain was beautiful, but mostly because it was five Dads and five sons. That in itself is an adventure to remember.

Even though it is a lot of work, I have always been the guy that organizes groups of people to go on adventures. I gather people for beers, for ski trips, for sports, for rafting trips, for camping trips and am working on a sea-kayak trip as we speak. It's what makes me happy, well, not the organizing, that's a serious pain in the ass, but the outcome always makes me happy inside.

And I ain't stoppin' so if you have an adventure to offer up, I'll make it happen.



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