Got a tattoo.

Many of you know that I play the role of Ed McMahon on Dave Kelly Live. Dave has a segment called Jimmy's Bucket List where he helps me fulfill the dreams of my own bucket list. It's a farce of course cause his list doesn't match with mine, as I mentioned in an earlier post. Truly it is just an opportunity for him to make fun of me and an opportunity for me to be made fun of and be a part of the show. Embarrassment is but a small price to pay.

This most recent show was super fun. I got a Mandy Stobo original tattoo. 

In usual fashion Dave introduces the idea behind Jimmy's Bucket List and explains my situation and his desire for me to help cross off items on my bucket list. 

It is at this point where I pay really close attention as I never know how much of a jerk he is going to be.

Well this time I was freaked out as he said I was getting a tattoo. While I am keen on getting a tattoo, and am in the planning mode with my son, I immediately panicked as I wasn't going to be able to choose my design.

Fortunately, Dave was messing with me and instead had Mandy do a full back tattoo in sharpie. And it is, was gorgeous. And I love Mandy so much that the idea of having her art on my back, albeit fleeting, was an honour.

But the best part of the Bucket List was that as Dave was talking about me and my cancer journey he kinda slowed everything down, then said something to the effect of "when a friend is going through something like this, it's important that he knows his friends have his back and are walking alongside him" - and at that point he took off the jacket he was wearing all night, turned around and his shirt had no back. And on his back was the exact tattoo with my name on it. 

That was moving. Not only was it a surprise, but it meant a lot. So many people work on this show and each of them are a part of making this journey an easy one to walk down as I know I am not in this alone.

On a side note, I must add that the moment Dave took off his jacket and had the cut shirt my first thought was of an event he and I worked on almost exactly 20 years ago. On stage at Calgary Cares both Dave Kelly and Jebb Fink spent 5 minutes as hosts of the show talking to the audience, then in a moment of divine inspiration they turned around and the audience were surprised to see that their butts were exposed as they had cut their pants for the stunt. 

I was as surprised then as I was on Tuesday at Dave Kelly Live.

And on another side note, it was that night that Dave met his bride Blythe.

The world provides doesn't it.

Kinda can't wait till the next show.

Oh, and third side note. Chaos ensued after the show as our pal Dave Pierce was feeling left out and requested a tattoo of his very own.

Damn I have fun friends.


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