"Thief" Written and Produced By: Mike Peters

"Thief" Written and Produced By: Mike Peters

In my last post I mentioned Mike. Mike is tackling his kidney cancer, and he's doing it quite differently than I am. We both have Renal Cell Carcinoma. We both had our kidney's removed and we both ended up with metastasized lesions in our lungs a year or so later (I also have it in my liver, adrenal gland and pancreas, not that it's a competition right Mike). 

Mike calls me his big cancer brother as I am always physically dealing with things prior to him.

That being said, this guy is way ahead of me in terms of learning about the cancer. As a matter of fact he's attacking it ferociously while I'm trying to psych it out and bore it out of my system. I'm ignoring, he's building an attack plan. Both work, it's all up to the individual. 

And luckily for the two of us we have different perspectives and can support each other in different ways.

He's flying back from Ottawa tonight after attending a Kidney Cancer conference. He's there learning everything he can and meeting others in the same situation. Again, more support.

I'm writing this blog. He's made an awesome film so he can create awareness and build up a big pile o cash for cancer research through the Ride to Cure Cancer. Watch this and be impressed, and if inclined feel free to support him.

THIEF by Mike Peters

Either way you shake it, the journey is yours. Own it.


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