Boy o boy

A very important and interesting phase has just taken place in the Button household. An occasion that kinda snuck up on me even though it was 18 years in the making.

Jack Button has graduated from High School and is preparing himself for the next big adventure - University. And I couldn't be more happy or proud for him.

Yesterday morning I walked up from the shower only to find Jack ready to head out the door to write his final exam of the year. I thought I had another 1/2 hour to chat. I thought I was going to have time to dispense my final bits of wisdom before he stepped out the door for the last time as a dependant.

After Jack's exam he was heading out with high school friends to celebrate then he was being driven by his pals up to the Airport. 

You see, in my mind I had built up this big epic moment cause the moment he stepped out the door he was stepping out to his next world. He was officially moving out and wasn't coming back until Christmas break. 

My little boy was now a man and he was going off to find his own adventure. 

I've always felt that a Dad's role was to prepare his lad for the day he left the nest. The Dads job was to try to make the little fella confident, aware and prepared for independence. We were to be stoic and fatherly in our task. There were to be no tears, this was not an emotional time, man to man this was achievement. This was a task done well. This was his job, this was my job.

Well that all makes sense till it's 7:30 and you lost the opportunity to give the speech you were psyched to give. The story about walking out a boy and becoming a man, the speech about whatever you do now is up to you. You have the world in your hand and these are the most special times of your life. Live large, be good, treat others well, don't leave an opened can of sardines under your roommates bed cause you stink up the whole room. Study hard and give yourself choices. Laugh lots, eat well, drink good beer, sleep often. Blah blah blah.

I had so much to say. But he didn't see it this way. He had an exam to write and was off to finish school then hang with pals then just get on a plane. Just another day.

He was already gone. Phase I complete. My work was done.

But as I closed the door a tear ran down my cheek. My boy is gone and I miss him already.

PS A quick little reminder - when my Doctor gave me a timeline the main thing that caused me sadness was that I may not see my kids grow up. This was an awesome and emotional milestone moment and while I was sad, I couldn't be happier.

PPS After going through thousands of photos one thing is crystal clear. Tracey and I have gotten lucky, or can take credit for a job well done cause these two siblings are magical together. Always have been.

Poor Petunia is going to seriously miss her big brother.

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