Plan ahead

Not gonna lie. Last week was a tough one as I wrapped up my session. I made the same mistake again - I didn't take care of myself with enough rest and I think I paid for it. Actually so did my family as I was a bit grumpy. 

Fortunately I have an awesome partner and she straightened me out. 


And that seems kinda unfair that she has to always step in. But if you ask Tracey she will say it's not unfair to lean on her; and she will quickly remind me that we are in this together.

So I have to remember to accept the help and I have to remember that week two is always tough and I need to remember to prepare for it by reducing meetings and social obligations.

Seems so simple doesn't it. 

Obviously I'm overly simple or daft as I should remember the damn lather, rinse, repeat of this life long groundhog treatment.

Next time. For sure.

Just watch me.

Boy o boy

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