Everything ok?

I've been meaning to write a post for quite a while. I even started writing down ideas for posts but never quite found the time or energy to put pen to paper. Of finger to keyboard in this case.

So here I am again starting a post with no real plan for what the outcome may be. And the real problem is that now that I am sitting here I know I have so many stories to tell you about. Things like:

  • Still feeling the affect of the last meeting
  • Going Nowhere Rafting trip
  • Jacks' Graduation party and 18th birthday dinner
  • Gaining weight
  • My new e-bike
  • My DCS speaking engagement
  • Best of Calgary
  • You are looking good.

These stories are all important, and maybe I have put them here for a reason, maybe I will write about them, and maybe I won't. Time will tell. But at least I have a spot to come back to if I am struggling for a topic.

I will tell you that I feel a bit of pressure to write in my blog. It's not a bad pressure, actually quite the contrary, it's more of a 'dammit, you like writing in the blog and it's important, you should write more' kinda internal pressure.

But it's not all internal, I have recently had over 10 people send me emails, texts or had conversations with people that are concerned for my well being simply because I have not written a post in three weeks. And the text always starts with - Everything ok, you haven't written in a while so I just wanted to check in? 

These interactions always throw me a bit, perhaps I harken back to those 'have you done your homework' moments too quickly.

But at the end of the day, or conversation, I always have a warm fuzzy cause I have people that are genuinely concerned for my health.

Or I can convince myself that the writing is so compelling that Tolstoy could learn a bit from my brevity and tone.

Thank you one and all. I can guarantee you that I am just fine....although I still haven't fully recovered mentally from that last meeting. But that's one of the next posts.



Going Nowhere

I just smiled.