Going Nowhere

There is nothing, absolutely nothing that compares to a long friendship. And when you collect 16 long friendships and put them on the ocean you have the recipe for calamity. Some of these guys I have known for over 40 years. Yup, we're that old that we can have 40+ year relationships.

Talk about being a very, very, lucky man.

On the long weekend of May I was blessed to have these fine gentlemen gather for a sea-kayak adventure off of Vancouver Island.  These were friends from grade school, high school, University and various jobs after my post secondary. Hell, one I've known for 51 years!

The trip was beyond imagination. So much laughter, so many goofy moments, such incredible scenery, and I was on the water in a kayak. My favourite spot.

I'm going nowhere. Nowhere fast with a bunch of awesome lads.

I am such a lucky guy to have such awesome friends that like adventure. And beer.

Thanks Ringer and Pickles/Shoulders/Snickers for all the planning. Most importantly thanks Halle, you were such a gracious hostess and awesome beer pong partner, thanks for putting up with these 16 stinky old men.

And yes, this is way too many photos but each one makes me laugh or feel happy inside.

I love these guys.


Everything ok?