More good bad news

Man, the biggest realization I am getting these days is that this journey is like no other that I have ever been on. Nothing seems 100% clear, nothing is really finite, the whole thing is a bunch of conjecture and supposition. I'm fairly used to things being loose, but I'm pretty used to having goals and objectives to strive for. Just keeping statis seems like backwards steps. 

Gotta keep my mind on the long game. That's the ongoing lesson.

My meeting with the Oncologists went well today. Went well in the sense that the existing tumours have not grown and in a few cases there was a reduction.

Went less well that there is something new. A slightly conspicuous plaque-like soft tissue density in the dependant aspect of the peritoneal cavity situated just atop the seminal vesicles!

My seminal vesicles??

What the hell is that? An advanced case of deadly sperm build up?

Either way, the docs feel good about the scan but they are going to keep an eye out for this soft tissue denseness. And I'm going to put all my focus on the DSB.

Thought you should know.


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