Of all things I seemed to have learned in this past year, the one that has had the biggest impact is the idea of momentum.

I find it is really easy to get stuck in a rut. Or to wallow in your own pain or misery or discomfort. But like most of my posts I think I have a solution and it really just comes down to making a decision not to let the negative side take over from all the good stuff that is present each and every day.

But there is pain, and it's there most days. But I've figured out the solution to dealing with it. And the solution is simple...just keep moving.

If you stay in one spot and focus on the issue then the issue itself has time to grow. And it not only grows in intensity, but it has an ability to move to other parts of your body. 

But if you keep moving both mentally and physically you can keep these negative thoughts at bay. To date they haven't gone away, they just keep getting pushed to the background or are simply reminded that they are just a sensation and not given permission to get in my way of progress. 

As I have told you in the past these drugs love to go to my joints and wreck havoc. My knee is a great example - it really hurts when I am deep into a session. I am doing physio to alleviate this pain and of course taking my hot baths. But what really helps the most ironically is playing soccer. Yup, I actually find I can get rid of the pain by putting my body through further physical grief. It takes a bit of a warm up to get started and to get past the fear of the pain, but once the game is on my mind completely forgets about the pain and I find myself running freely for 90 minutes.

Once the game is over, I grab a beer, or water more often than not, with the lads and then head home for another bath. 

And each time I smile as big a smile as you can imagine. It's truly a mind over matter moment and I relish in it each time.

Going for walks every day helps, doing stairs instead of elevators helps, daily stretching helps. In the last three weeks I have played soccer twice, did a decent hike, road around the reservoir twice, walked 12 hours at Circle, played four games of golf and probably a few more things that escape me at the moment.

I have been working hard to make sure I move as much as possible, and it's really helping. I suggest you try it too.

I love moving so much that I suggest I may even start prancercising in-between soccer seasons. 

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