Recliner Session

The smile never left my face from the moment I woke up to till I went to sleep.

Here is how the Nivulomab session goes. 

Tracey and I show up at the reception desk at the Tom Baker for the 4:30 scheduled appointment.  Two nurses come out, each wearing gowns and the jokes begin. I immediately can tell this is going to be a pleasant experience.

We get the tour, head into a big room with blue recliners every 10 feet. The rooms are separated by walls and the whole thing kinda reminds me of giving blood.

I finally get to sit in the recliner. A dream come true. 

Screen Shot 2018-01-26 at 12.59.50 PM.png

Nurse J gives us a pretty solid tutorial on what is going to transpire. She puts a warm cloth around my wrist to lube up my vein and Nurse D brings me a nice warm blanket. Starts feeling more like a 4 star resort experience. 

The IV is put in my left hand and the drugs start flowing. Nothing really spectacular to report on this part and certainly no side effects which is positive. Am told sometimes it takes 10-12 days for the side effects to happen, and occasionally people have issues during the first session which I thankfully didn't experience.

The whole session takes about an hour, but with all the training this session lasts two hours. 

Tracey and I played two games of backgammon, we laughed with the nurses, the whole thing couldn't have gone any better. 

My new job is to visualize the drug doing it's job and to make sure the body accepts and plays nicely.

I have high hopes in so many ways.

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