A Frivolous Joy

I just had my second Recliner Session, and it was successful. I will write a post on that poste haste.

But let me tell you about a quick epiphany I had as I walked down the halls of the Tom Baker. And perhaps it shouldn't be called an epiphany but more an observation.

IMG_5422 2.JPG

As I walked down the hall I reached in to my coat and found some gummies. Actually Red Flavoured Fruit Snacks to be exact.

I ate the whole bag as I walked to my car but along the way, when I ate the last one I stopped in the hall and had a very interesting thought. It actually stopped me, which is probably why I feel it deserves epiphany vs observation, but I think I'm splitting hairs.

My thought was pure. Why do I deny myself of frivolous fun like eating a bag of Red Flavoured Fruit Snacks? For my whole life I have avoided candy. I felt it was wasted calories and sugar that I didn't need. 

But today that damn bag was so close to being a true meditative moment. I was totally into it and each Red Flavoured Fruit Snack was sooo tasty. I took a while to eat them and as I finished the bag I started thinking about other things I am depriving myself of. 

Sooo, all this to say, I need to open my portfolio of fun in all areas. 

Even if I feel like shit from a three day cold.

Actually, especially if I am sick.

Maybe we can do it together?


What Doesn't Kill You.

Recliner Session