Sleep is Super Awesome

Yesterday I wrote a post about being thankful. I meant every word of it, but what I didn’t tell you was that I was highly agitated and frustrated by the side affects of my chemo drug. Well I guess I said a bit, but I didn’t go into detail, nor am I going in to much detail in this post either. Trust me, it’s all consuming and peaked in terms of being full sores and full body coverage. 

So I came up with a solution and called my oncology team for permission to take some steroids.  I know from the days I take my chemo treatment that I also take nine pills to manage nausea, allergic reactions etc, that I get a couple days of relief. Not full relief but enough that the itchies are not top of mind 24/7.

I spent all afternoon in bed, actually on the bed as sheets irritate my skin, and finally got the permission I needed. I took two dexamethasone pills around 4pm and waited.  

Around 8pm I started feeling some relief and when I finally went back to bed I opened the windows as Tracey and I love the fresh cold air, got under the sheet and duvet and went to bed with fingers crossed. 

I am typing this after having ten hours of sleep with only getting up twice to pee.  

What a difference one good night sleep can make. I feel so much better and have a minimal amount of itchies today.  

Going for a walk and not worried about wearing clothes that irritate. Another thing I am thankful for.  And I think my kids are thankful that I am wearing clothes in the home now as well.

Note:  this topic did allow me to give Amanda a history lesson about Naked Guy - remember him, the student that was protesting wearing clothes in the 80’s. Amanda is going to Berkeley for International Model United Nations and I love giving her important information prior to her trips. I’m a good Dad - and she’s happy I don’t parade outside the house with what I wear in the house.  No one wants to see Naked Dad.



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