As I type this post I am sitting in the Calgary Lab Services waiting to do my weekly blood test. I’m thankful that this opportunity exists. 

I drove here in our ancient mini van with the summer tires so that Tracey and Jack can use the two winter worthy vehicles. I am thankful and hopeful that this van lasts till January.

I am super thankful for my Oncologist Dr R and my exceptional Nurse Susan.  They have been so supportive, smart, caring and thoughtful through this protracted adventure. We always have a laugh and I always feel like I am in great hands.

I am thankful we live in a city that has a brilliant facility like the Tom Baker Cancer Centre. I hope I’m able to see the new facility when it’s built.

I am thankful I am able to collect disability insurance, mine was a unique case as I had two personal and two group policies so it took time to ratify. But I have it and suggest you look to see if you are covered. With what I am going through these last couple of weeks I am sure I would not have survived as long as I have if I didn’t get the chance to focus on my health and leave work to my capable teammates.

I’m so lucky to be able to nap in the afternoons as I find that I am not getting constructive sleeps these days. The Temsirolimus chemo has taken my itchiness to a new level of irritation that I am waking up constantly; that along with five pee trips a night and a low hemoglobin count I find that I only have so much reserve energy in the tank. Sooooo love my naps.

Ironically I am thankful that it is colder outside, it helps with my skin irritations. I now enjoy taking the garbage out wearing only my shorts, or sleeping with the window open while casting the duvet aside and being covered by only a bedsheet. 

I am thankful I have such an awesome group of friends that I get to have coffees or walks with. Today I had coffee with Dawn that rolled in to lunch - we were enjoying the chat so we just carried on.

I am thankful that I have such great brothers and that they have super fun spouses and kids. We had a lovely thanksgiving dinner on Sunday and now have leftovers from two turkeys. Can you say turkey a la king, turkey pot pie, turkey and gravy sammich!! So much tryptophan to be thankful for.

But above all else I am most thankful for Tracey, Jack and Amanda. They take care of me when I need it, they make me laugh almost all the time and they keep me grounded. When things are tough they inspire me to break through, when things are good they are there to make sure our lives are full of fun and adventure.

We played tennis the other day and I was able to make Amanda cry with laughter. Of course she takes after her Grammie Button who was always quick to laugh when an accident happened.

You see where this is going don’t you?

Jack is 19. He has been a tennis coach for five years. He likes to show Pops how hard he can hit the ball. And I like to chirp while sporting, which kinda makes me a target.

Is it getting more clear?

Yes, Jack hit a zinger of a ball at me and it bounced off my racquet in to my face. Knocked the glasses off my face of course. The family all laughed, and laughed hard. as they should, it was funny.

It’s how I know they love me.

And I’m most thankful for that above all else. And I have a lot to be thankful for.

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