Dr Jim. Radiologist.


First off let me apologize for waiting four days to post the results. I received many texts and emails reminding me that I hadn’t posted yet, and I imagine in the absence of an answer most have assumed the news wasn’t good. 

Actually, again it was a Good News Bad News cat scan. And it was almost exactly as I had predicted.

Growth on pancreas and lungs stable, growth in upper abdomen and peritoneal cavity had new tumours and additional growth of 3mm on existing tumours. 

I’m staying on existing chemo treatment till end of 2018 as I have been having a great quality of life. We are however concerned about ongoing growth so we are looking at Ipi/Nivo as the next solution. 

So all in all it seems a steady as she goes story.  

But let it not be lost that I am becoming quite adept at reading my body, it’s almost as though I have natural Radiologist skills - Houman and Sarah beware, I’m coming after your jobs.

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