Guessing on Guesses

I probably should update you on my last post. While I survived the big hike it took me two days before I could walk. Actually I had to get needled and worked on by Tim the psychotherapist before I could really walk. And when I say I couldn’t walk I mean I couldn’t take steps forward, or downstairs or up stairs. I couldn’t walk. It sucked.

But it was kinda funny now that I look back on it. I pushed myself so hard that I couldn’t walk. Who does that? 

What I found really interesting though was that for a while during the experience I thought maybe I was having a kidney failure, then after I got past that Tracey mentioned the idea of bone cancer - so I allowed that to enter my mind. It didn’t help that at another appointment a Dr mentioned that I should investigate osteoporosis, and that my physiotherapist said I have arthritis in my hips. Maybe bone cancer was a possibility? 

Now normally I don’t allow thoughts like this to enter my mind, heck I don’t even think about the cat scan results in advance. No sense worrying about something that doesn’t exist yet. But because I had worn myself out I think my mind was also weak, and when weakened I allow thoughts to enter that normally wouldn’t. 

So in a few days I had thoughts of kidney failure and bone cancer. 

Tomorrow I get the results of the scan. Today I woke up with a pain in my stomach. A pain that has been appearing for weeks. Maybe it’s a tumour growing?  

Or maybe I have been eating too much? Actually I can’t stop eating - it’s so awesome to be able to taste things and to feel good about flavours again. 

Either way, today I started thinking about the scan results. Not sure why or what is going to happen but if I’m a betting man this is my prognostication:

Pancreas reduced or same.

Lesions on lung stable.

Lung lining reduced or same. 

Tumour in peritoneal cavity increased slightly.

Tumour on capsule of liver slightly larger. 

Tumour in upper abdomen slightly larger and maybe an additional growth. 

And for any other organ that I forgot, I think I have a tumour on my gall bladder, I apologize as all you guys are important to me!

Organ recital isn’t my specialty. 



Dr Jim. Radiologist.

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