Valentine Mood Change

On Wednesday I was still feeling quite crappy (tee hee, pun intended) and was really not looking forward to heading out of the house to participate in Dave Kelly Live

And that's really not me, but it gives you an idea of how I was feeling. My stomach hurt, I was tired and wasn't really up for being on stage. Aargh.

Till I got there. And it all started kicking in and the real Jim started appearing.

I ran into so many people I knew who were sitting in the audience, I got tons of hugs and hellos and I knew immediately that it was a good move to head out.

Then the show started and I was transfixed by Dave, Mandy, the Flat Whites and the amazing guests. The show was brilliant. And it wasn't until about half way, after an hour, that I realized the pain in my stomach was gone. 

Gone completely.

I was transported to a zone and had completely taken my mind off of the pain that had consistently disturbed me for almost two weeks.

That's the power of art.

That's the power of the mind.

Meditation does the same thing, but certainly not as quickly for a simple mind like mine. Artful distraction did the trick.

And I still feel much better and getting better each day.

Thank you Dave and gang. That was beautiful.

Even more-so than usual.

PS and thank you for giving me a chance to tell 500 people how much Tracey has impacted my life. Got me some good Valentines points...even more than last year when Bret 'The Hitman' Hart read a love poem to Tracey for me.

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