You Never Leave the C-Suite.

Once I started this blog and became more vocal about dealing with Cancer I have been getting a lot of emails, texts, calls and coffee with people dealing with this adventure.

Yesterday I got a text from a friend saying they were just diagnosed as being Cancer free. That made me smile a very big smile.

The other text came from a friend that just found out they had cancer.

While you would think they could cancel each other out, they don't. Finding out you have Cancer can be devastating. It's time to start grabbing all your positive thoughts and finding a way to change the course of the disease. But while you are attempting to do this the news of each meeting and challenge will start piling up and you need all the support you can get. If you know someone dealing with it, please reach out.

Just a simple hello is sufficient in some cases. 

Offering up support is always a good idea. Remember, the decision is theirs to accept, to ignore or decline any and all offers. Sometimes simply knowing there is a support system out there is important.

And for the person that found out they are Cancer free, well, their obligation is to follow through on all those internal promises to be better, to not waste time and to only circle themselves with people that add to their lives, not subtract from it. You are still part of the club, but are a veteran that can help out the rookies if you so choose. Being a rookie is scary and I imagine it's near impossible to forget the moment you hear the words 'you have cancer.'

To both people I say I love you. And I wish you nothing but the best on your respective journies for they are your own to decide. No one else's.

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