Benjamin Button

I had a really weird thought today. Not sure if you have seen the film Benjamin Button but it's about a guy that has reverse aging. He starts off old and then gets younger. I have seen the movie and the premise is so incredibly interesting. And when a conversation happened today I felt like I was a living breathing BenJimin Button.

It was a weird thought because that is pretty much the name of my Great Nephew - Benjamin David James Macdonald. He is the great and glorious cute son of my spectacular niece Jil and her awesome husband Dr. Ryan Macdonald.

As little Benjimin is working his butt off to grow and learn to do things like walk and talk for the first time, I am working my butt off to feel younger by getting healthier. 

For close to five years I have been working with Dr Tim Lee, it is this work that has resulted in me feeling better and better. That work in combination with my mental well being and with me seeing my little BenJimin walking recently have made me feel very positive about my health today. 

You see, when Tim was working on my neck he remarked that after many years of working on me this is the best my neck has felt.

But when Tim said that the first words that came out of my mouth were 'I guess I'm an actual Benjamin Button' and in my head all I thought of was the little dude learning to walk in the last few weeks.

And that connection was just awesome. And as a result I feel an even stronger connection to my little buddy and I look forward to seeing him grow into an old man while I get just a bit younger for the next little while...



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