Theory of Relativity

Time is relative.

So is being tired -  it is also quite relative.

My new schedule of IV every two weeks and stent surgery ever 4 weeks has me figuring out a new program. And as I saw with past treatments I am starting to see some patterns emerge.

This discussion today is about being tired.

The Nivo seems to give me a wave of tiredness about 9-10  days after treatment. And today is that day, and I'm really tired. Like that feeling of being able to have a nap at any time, certainly falling asleep at the TV after 8pm is guaranteed. Although I haven't watched TV since the Olympics but that's really not relevant, and maybe my way of saying I miss watching all the sports on TV.

But there is another factor involved that cannot be discounted. You see, this previous week has been off the charts good for me physically and subsequently I am feeling great mentally. The stent is about 3 weeks in my past, the pancreas doesn't seem to be acting up, the constipation is behind me (Ha even made myself laugh with that one) and this week I had energy and an appetite that was being well taken care of with anything I wanted to eat (within reason).

So naturally as I was lying on the couch napping today I made myself giggle. Sure, the Nivo makes me tired but the busy week of activities like a speech, playing two hours of superjocks (floor hockey), a dinner out with 20 people and other activities have plum tuckered me out.

I loved being out and about, and naturally I pushed it. I just couldn't help myself. It was like it was springtime in my head and I was full of sunshine and lollipops.

Hmm, maybe that description went too far?

Regardless, the feeling I get from being out and about and putting people and ideas together is so invigorating. The fact I am not working or getting paid to do any of this is even more liberating. 

So yes, I'm tired from Nivo and I'm even more tired from an active week.

But today's tired is nothing compared to the worn down tired feelings I had during November and December when I was really seeing a steep decline in my health.

You see, being tired is relative. 

So give me some time while I try to figure out Einstein's theory of relativity.


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