Recliner Session #5

Every time I walk up the hill to the Tom Baker I get a sense of self analysis. Not sure how this has become my spiritual gauge but it has become the means to which I can analyze where I am physically and spiritually.

The walk happens weekly. Sometimes, on those weeks where I meet the oncologist and have my IV recliner session I get to do the walk twice in a week.

And each time I go now I am able to tell how tired I am, or how happy, sad, scared, distracted, positive or negative I am feeling. 

Sometimes I am walking with Tracey sometimes I am doing it by myself. Either way I always take the time to internalize all the metrics in order to try and understand my present self.

The path is a fairly good distance and is uphill so it has at times really pushed me physically. Other times, like this most recent visit, I start off slow and then pick up the pace as I am kinda racing the Jim dude that walked up there just prior to me.

And when I get to the IV room I tend to have a heart that is racing a bit faster...so I feel I need to explain the story each time. And once I am in the room I always feel more positive. I am putting all my energy in to these sessions and giving them the best chance for success.


This session went smoothly. IV went in easily, I got my usual warm blanket put on my lap and I let the Nivo do it's lovely work.

Oh, and I played two games of backgammon with Tracey. My game was strong. No need to tell you who won, it wouldn't be gentlemanly of me.

Number Five was good.

Although  the walk back down was a bit slippery.