I clearly remember when I had energy to keep going and had to force myself to go sleep as I knew it was important and a healthy part of my day.

But often I let it slide.

A lot.

Actually, I remember saying to myself on Mondays that I will be able to sleep on Sunday morning. I easily would put sleep off for a week, and I was fine with it.

I may have gotten the habit from my Dad, he used to stay up for days when he was deep into a project. It wasn't healthy, I knew that as I watched him do it, but alas like father like son I'm guessing.

Well, things sure have changed. These days I surprise myself if I get through the day without a nap. And some days I have two. 


I and I certainly lay on the couch a lot more. I'm actually feeling good about my Netflix subscription as well as it's been put to good use.

As has my Apple music subscription. I listen to music a lot more than I ever have.

And it's all related to this darn adventure. My energy has been dissipating for a while but once I started on the Nivo the biggest side effect has been the tiredness I am experiencing.

And while I know I accept it, I really need to allow it to be a part of who I am, or where I am. Not that I am fighting it, but I don't think I have fully embraced it's value yet. I'm working on it, but there is a sense of guilt around not doing more.

Again, sleep and I are trying to find a beautiful balance. I really need my body and mind to get some serious rest while I work my way through this point in my adventure. 

I think I'm going to call it my hibernation phase.

And I'm really looking forward to my hyperphagia stage. 


Easter Sunday

Recliner Session #5