Love Over Money

I've had 70 hours  of introspection here in my hospital bed.

Man in those 70 hours I've thought about so many things. Life, death, family, friends, legacy, and I've thought about some the things right in front of me. 

Like pain.

Up till this bout I really didn't give any attention to true management of pain. I've always felt I had enough drugs in my body so when offered pain meds I simply turned most of them down. But now that I've accepted pain medication I'm finding I can manage the trials and tribulations much better. 

While I guess one could say my mind is muddled by the morphine one could also say that I'm actually operating on a higher plane. (Intended)

And it's because of this creative space that I am in that has enabled me to piece together my thoughts around Love over Money.


Since I have had cancer I have become way more comfortable hearing the same music over and over again. In the past I would lose my mind if the same song was played in close rotation.  Now it seems like I have been channeling Gord Downie and the Hip. For this stay I have played Introduce Yerself non-stop since I got here. 

Gord hastily recorded this 23 song album over a 2 x four day period and I find it so compelling as it parallels many thoughts I have had on my journey.

I could write so much on so many of the songs, but Love Over Money, or at least my interpretation of the song, aligns to the life I've lived.

Very rarely have I taken gigs, accepted jobs o started companies that worried about the profit first.

I believe Gords interpretation was in reference to the fact all bands members got equal share/pay. They played music that happened to make money, not the other way around. They kept their relationship in the highly productive, respectful, friend zone.

And when it came to the end we all got to see the results of a life focused on family and friends vs profit and fame.

I'm glad I'm on morphine and now managing my pain as it was important for me to write this piece.

Ha, everything about that sentence is Fun.

One of my upcoming posts will have to be serious, just not sure when...

Did I say I'm high yet?

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