Perfect Moment

I try and start every day feeling 100% healthy. And for about 30 seconds it really feels like it.

For those of us of a certain age we understand the ritual of getting up to pee once or twice a night. Getting up isn’t the mental or physical shock it was when we were younger.  One gets used to it.

And yet I still remember the years where if you woke up just once in the night you felt like it was a less than perfect sleep.

Interestingly enough last night I didn’t wake up once; only getting up at 6:40 am to finally pee. And once I got back to the bed I felt yet again that I was 100% healthy.  no pain in the abdomen and all was good.

This is a daily ritual, and it wasn’t until the uniqueness of sleeping all night that I realized it. Waking up at 6:40 feeling refreshed had my mind at a sharper state and allowed me to triangulate an action that occurs daily but was under the radar. 

Every morning when I get back to bed I feel 100%. And I try to focus on that moment and feeling, and I spend time understanding it and trying to extend it. I use the feeling to help during meditation later on. I use the feeling to remind myself that I am able to feel 100% every day.

Its a very positive programme that I had been on for a while but only really surfaced it today.

But why only 30 seconds you ask? Well it’s biology and physics at work and after 30 seconds the awesomeness dissipates due to basic movement.  The simple movement of getting in and out of bed, from walking to the bathroom and back, and the voiding of my bladder all combine create activity internally and externally. And as the internal organs adjust, and the organs involved in moving bang around the pancreas gets irritated and voila, the pain returns. 

I’m sure it seems preposterous but it’s just the way it is.

I have an easily irritated pancreas. There I said it., it’s time we all accept it. 😜

For 30 seconds I revel in the peace that lying in bed while fasting for eight hours has brought me. My pancreas thanks me for not irritating it by giving my day a 30 second head start.

And I hold on to it as long as I can and attempt to string those moments together as often as I am able. 

And yes, sometimes you have to give an angry pancreas its due, it does have a big blue tumour on it that I’ve been lasering, fire hosing, light sabering, trampling with baby buffalo hooves and orchestrating crash landings by blessings of unicorns. 

I could explain, but if you’ve been reading the other posts I suspect you know my arsenal has expanded.


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