Number Three


Well we are 3/4 of the way through this round of double dose Immunotherapy.

Hmmm scratch that, and not to be negative, but more accurate, we just passed 1/2 way through this treatment.

But I did hit a big milestone in that I had my third of four treatments so it kinda feels like 3/4’s. 

But in reality I know there is three weeks of side effects that go with today’s treatment so it’s kinda just one day passed halfway. 

But I did three!!! I have been able to make it through my third treatment!! And that’s fricken huge in this house. Tracey, Kyle and I did fist bumps when I came home cause we know this was a big moment. Then I napped.

And I’m leaving it there. Cause it’s exciting and I’m proud we’ve made it this far. 

Go team Ivey. 


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