Emergency Again


I am presently sitting in Triage at the Peter Lougheed Centre waiting to be diagnosed and put in to a room. 

Based on 38.3 fever, high pain and lipase level at 1308 I suspect I have a blocked duct or two. Was hoping to get through next seven weeks without another surgery but I suspect I may not have a choice.

Will update as I know.

And now I feel bad for the aggressive nature of the work I was visualizing on the pancreas this morning. It felt overly aggressive and the tumour fought back violently- maybe that was a clue. The scene was kinda suspect from the beginning and I don’t control it but was uncomfortable watching it happen.  

Imagine a bunch of Unicorns with their horns stuffed in to the tumour (including myself - I had a horn stuffed in the tumour as well). At some point everything shook violently and lots of noise.  

Then I got out of bed, walked up to kiss Tracey good morning and she said you are flush. Do you have a fever? 

Turns out I did. And now I’m sitting in a hallway. 

ERCP Again.

Number Three