Bang a Gong

The other night Tracey, Amanda and I had our minds expanded. Or did they explode? Actually it was both - and it was more powerful than I could have imagined.

When our pal Dave Pierce offered up a home sound bath we took him up on it even though we really had no idea what we were signing up for.


Intuitively we knew there were bowls and gongs and other great sounding things. And we knew this was an extension of our meditation and mindfulness practice, but what we didn’t know was the impact it would have on us as the three of us as we lay on the couches in anticipation.

Tracey describes it as waves of relaxation as though she was riding waves going deeper and deeper into another level of her mind. She also found it highly stimulating and addictive in the sense she didn’t want it to stop, I felt the same way. Amanda was mesmerized by the sounds and found it very relaxing most of the time but the gong was exhilarating. I found the experience to be relaxing and meditative but at certain points I felt like all the cells in my body were jumping and that the synapses in my brain were all alight.  The 20 minutes were both calming and stimulating. My brain on fire one minute then the next I was in a deeply meditative state. I’m not sure why my experience was split as I only had expections of deep relaxation. 


I need to experience this again and Dave and I are talking about perhaps having a sound bath experience at Village one of these days. Stand by. 

I should also give a bit of background on Dave as he comes by music quite honestly. As a child prodigy he has been playing instruments all his life and is a secret musical gem in our city. He is the Creative Director of the Grandstand Show, he won an Emmy for the musical production of the Vancouver Olympic ceremony, he produces the likes of Jann Arden, Michael Bublé and Paul Brandt and his list goes on. Recently he’s been on quite a spiritual journey which has led him to training and learning the complexities of gong baths.

It is obvious to me that while he is new to this form of spiritual guidance his innate percussion skills have allowed him to excel quite quickly. And for that our family is infinitely grateful as that was quite the mind opening experience.

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