From LOL to WTF



Thats what is ringing in my head today. Non stop LOL’s every time I try and move.


Yup, then the WTF comes quickly after. 

You see, this dumb guy with the poor memory totally forgot to dial it back on Tuesday in Superjocks. Again.

Played 2 hours of soccer and floor hockey and today I am as sore as a one legged sailor in an ass-kicking contest.

So all I can do is LOL at myself and say WTF was I thinking going from couch to arena in such a hurry. 

But the LOLs are winning and I can’t wait to do it all over again so I can get myself back to the point where I’m not WTFing at myself as much. 

I like this pain way better.  Just sayin’.

 PS in case I haven’t explained it yet, Superjocks is a league that started 28 years ago where we play a different sport every Tuesday night throughout the Winter.

It’s my fav night of the week. And as I get older I guess Thursday is my WTF day.

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