Uncharted Territory


Not 100% sure of how to manage the most recent lab work. Sure iron and hemoglobin are low, creative is still high, and a few other things need fixing, but the measurement of my pancreatic functions has me spinning a bit.

Both my Amalase and Lipase are in the normal range!! 

Thats right, my nemesis the pancreatic tumour, seems to have given me a bit of a break.  These are numbers I haven’t seen since last November.

Perhaps this is simply a function of both ducts draining well or a maybe sign that the tumour has finally had enough Unicorns, lasers and baby buffaloes irritating it that it is receding. 

It’s very exciting indeed, but I will not be relenting or celebrating till I get the scan in a month. 

But for now I’m pretty stoked.

May even have a beer.

Care Giver

Iron Man