Iron Man

Sometimes I think I write a blog simply cause I think the title is smart. I make up the headline in my head and then I have to think of how to reverse engineer a story. 

This is one of those times. 

To be fair to myself Iron Man as a topic does come about honestly. At my last Oncologist meeting we discussed how tired I was, my dizziness , headaches and a few other symptoms and the conclusion was that my iron was low. My hemoglobin is at 88 which is also low so we discussed a possible blood transfusion. But before we take that step I was given a prescription for iron pills and took one two nights ago. I was warned it messed with your gut so I was prepared for constipation or diahhrea. 

I got diahhrea. And it was not fun, and man was it black. Like Ozzy Osbourne black.

So I’m now taking a break from the iron pill to resettle my gut and then test it again. If this doesn’t work it’s either an iron injection or transfusion. 

Whew, looks like I pulled out the reverse engineering quite well.  Iron Man as a title has been paid off!!


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