Glowing Review


I gotta be glowing by now.

Today Tracey and I went in for our usual meeting with the Oncologist to review lab results and confirm I’m healthy enough to proceed with treatment tomorrow.

90% of our conversation was about this persistent cough I have so prior to the meeting he had me go for an X-Ray. He wanted to rule out pneumonitis, which is one of the side effects of Nivo.

X-Ray came back clean.

So we chatted some more and through conversation, which included discussion of cramps in legs, he decided he needed to rule out a blood clot in my lungs, as another side effect of Nivo is a thickening of the blood.

So off I went with paperwork in hand to get a CT-Scan. I lay on the bed, got the intravenous injection, didn’t pee again and voila another scan in the books.

Pretty sure I was glowing by now but no one really looked at me sideways or walked around me any differently than they usually do. Off I went to the Oncologists office again to see the results.

Again clear. No new tumour, no sign of blood clots.

So the strategy is to stay the course and deal with the cough by seeing what we can do to eliminate allergens, which could be the issue exacerbating the existing cough from treatments. If that doesn’t work we can look at increasing steroids which I am working hard to avoid.

All in all the lab results were very good. The X-Ray and CT-Scan did not identify anything scary, so I’m going to refer to the day as simply a very romantic beige walled date with my wife.

And that has me absolutely glowing.

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