Host With The Most

Today I went to the dermatologist to have a look at the skin rash that I’ve been dealing with for eight months.

And true to form my rash has almost dissipated thus rendering the meeting a questionable one from my perspective. I didn’t want to waste the Doctors time but decided a conversation would be valuable in the event my existing treatment of antihistamines, steroids and dual creams stopped working.

Well. I got way more than I bargained for!

Had a good conversation on the rash and am going to maintain my existing program with a few modifications. So that was all good.


But now I have these biopsy cuts on my head and have an ice cream headache from all the liquid nitrogen blasts on my forehead. Also go a couple of stitches from a biopsy salvage session on my stomach as well.

Seems both cancer and pre-cancerous activity think I am a good host.

This isn’t new to me, I’ve had liquid nitrogen removal as well as scalpel usage to remove unwanted growth before. Also had a very large benign golf ball sized growth removed from my neck about eight years ago, I think it was called a pleomorphic adenoma. Wasn’t a pretty operation and if you look closely on my left side you will see I am quite indented.

Obviously my right side is my good side..

All this to say I didn’t see this happening when I started my day. But it’s kinda heartwarming to know that I am a good host.

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