Live Every Day

There you are, living each day in a way that you think is taking advantage of all the day has to offer. 

Then you get some additional pain and your numbers have a significant jump and you truly remember that life is indeed fleeting and you are not guaranteed another tomorrow, let alone another week or another summer. 

And that snaps you quickly back in to shape. And it’s amazing how you can squeeze just a bit more joy out of each moment if you look for it. 

It could be a simple stroke of your wife’s arm followed by a knowing look in each other’s eyes, or a bit longer of a hug with your daughter, like a real hug, or it could be taking a moment to ask your son a very difficult question on his 20th birthday. 

In the quiet of our bedroom I asked Jack to have a seat beside me as I had a challenging question for him.  I then proceeded to ask him if you wanted the card that I had written a year ago in case it wasn’t here for his 20th birthday. I’d written five years of cards for each of them as about 15 months ago, based on how I was doing, I was sure I wouldn’t be here to give him a fresh card.

It’s a tough question and he’s going to get back to me after sleeping on it. We both knew the gravity of the moment and we both squeezed yet another bit of joy out of knowing how many bonus moments we had each put in the memory bank.

I am again full of joy and gratitude, today ended up being such a great day. 

Warts And All

Pain Understood