Warts And All


In the excitement of the pancreas earlier this week I forgot to mention I’m dating Dr. H. the wart guy again.

He’s a dermatologist by trade but since our relationship consists of me walking in, sitting down and taking off shoes and him walking in silently, freezing my foot then lasering it and only saying ‘see you in two weeks’ I feel he just wants to be my wart guy, not my dermatologist professional.

This damn wart was discovered on the eve of my wedding almost 22 years ago. I vividly remember having a ten person hot tub with my brothers and families only to have my brother Dave exclaim when my foot surfaced that I had a wart. The hot water exposed it for the first time.

A funny sad way to chronicle when the wart journey began don’t you think? Happy anniversary sweet Tracey and my beloved wart.

Anyways I’ve been off and on dealing with this wart, now warts, and eventually took it seriously about seven years ago as it was deep enough to cause pain. This is where Dr. H. and I started our deep meaningful relationship. So much conversation and always so intriguing. The fun has been to try and pull chatter out of him but he’s a pro and won’t give much. I usually relay my fun times with Tracey as she is well aware of my attempts.

Anyways I digress. Maybe I’m compensating for Dr. H.

A year ago I almost had it beat. Possibly only needing another four sessions. But even that was too much at the time and I was sceptical that the Immunotherapy and the wart were working at odds so I took a break. I needed a break from attending so many Dr’s offices and to be really frank when I was putting so much effort to just stay alive the wart quickly lost its priority.

So, here we are, me back dating this darn wart and Dr. H. again. I seem to be in a better mindset now and I’m pretty sure the wart will be ready to leave and the good Dr. Will just flood the room with emotion and conversation.

Warts and all right?

Yup. Warts and all. 


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