Ok that was an unfair and misleading blog title. It’s not a cannabis reference, instead it’s less fun but may be equally taxing (an excise tax joke, sheesh).

I’ve been awake since 3:15 am due to pain in my joints. I’m not sure why but holy mackerel does this hurt, even after two extra strength Tylenol. And I try hard to never take pain killers so this means something.

Just giving an update, that’s all. Going to try and walk it off to see if it’s muscular as one possibility is that with the weight loss and muscle loss my knees are simple pissed off due to muscle strain. Yes, I’m an amateur physiotherapist.  But if it was muscular then why do your forearms and ankles hurt Jim???

Hmmm, seems updates are coming a bit more frequently. 

If I was on a bench in a game I’d probably be saying to myself ‘shake it off and get back in there’. 

And I’m gonna do that right now. And maybe pick up a chai latte like all the other tough guys! 

Update: Pain slowed down considerably as day progressed. No clue what happened but maybe I’m now a barometric pressure gauge?? 



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