Night and Day

Living a life of gratitude gives me the opportunity to look for awesomeness everywhere. Including the past.

Three years ago, when the chaos of being introduced to terminal cancer was upon Tracey and I and the family we were often trying to find our balance with the new paradigm.

I can remember it all quite vividly. It was unsettling. And since it was so fresh the emotions were often quite raw.

But the thing I remember most about that time was the incredible support we received from so many people. Food, wine, flowers and so much more appeared in our home. But when I look back the thing that appeared on our doorstep that was most emotionally charged was a visit by some of my favourite musicians in the world.

Screen Shot 2019-06-18 at 9.49.14 PM.png

Michael Bernard Fitzgerald, Russ Broom and Andrew Ball quietly had rehearsed our wedding song and came over and gave us a private concert. It was a total surprise to us and we cried. We danced while they played. The kids watched us dance and cry. It was a perfectly timed cathartic moment that we will always remember - and I am forever grateful.

It was beautiful. Still is.

Tonight I played it for Tracey. We cried.

And it was a beautifully charged emotional moment yet again.

This song makes me happy. Have a listen.


Life Stinks Sometimes