Action Day


So if yesterday was the day of waiting rooms and figuring stuff out, today is a rapid day of action.

As I type this I am on my second bag of a blood transfusion as my hemoglobin results were even lower than expected. It explains why I’m dragging energy wise.

My stool was bloody on Sunday, progressively getting darker till it was black today, kinda gross but it indicates that I have internal bleeding.

Having the transfusion is awesome, I tend to have so much more energy afterwards.

This transfusion will help get me on track as in a couple of hours I am back in to the GI department for an endoscopy.

The endoscopy is not too dissimilar to the ERCP surgeries where they take the tube and camera down my esophagus and explore my insides till they find the results of the bleeding.

It is my hope that once we get my hemoglobin up, once we solve the source of the bleeding we can get back to the chore of solving why my Lipase levels are still at 700+ for the last two weeks.

Like I said yesterday, I’m complex in so many ways. I’m like a walking talking breathing 3D chess game and I’m the scrambling queen. (sorry for the two nerd posts so close back to back).

UPDATE: Decided to an update on Endoscopy on this post vs another just in case I’m paying per post 😄 -I just did a cursory glance and I’m somewhere close to 235 posts. Will need to find a way to celebrate one of the milestones soon.

Looks like the bleeding is coming from the duodenum. You can see it with the white spot on third image. Solutions are limited but took a candida prescription to start, second option is the cauterization of this tumour. A tumour by the way I didn’t really internalize that I had. But I’m not surprised as I haven’t done a roll call in a while as I’ve put so much focus on the pancreas.


Oh, and another update from yesterday. Got pathology report back from my dermatologist on my itchies, I have something called Grovners Disease. Now before you jump to the same conclusion I did this feels very much like a misnomer. Dr.D. comforted that it was nothing harmful and was most likely the result of the medications I am on. And just so you are aware my itchies are presently under control due to the high dose of steroids I’m using to reduce the inflammation in the pancreas. Which is next on the list to solve, poor pancreatic fella keeps getting pushed back.

Seriously though, who calls it a disease? Did the Grovner family foundation make a big donation to the pathology wing to get naming rights of a disease or something?

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