Jumping the Shark


When Fonzi jumped the shark in the 70’s sitcom called Happy Days a new phrase was created. It meant something had gone too far. In the case of the show they had obviously run out of writing energy and started getting outside their lane, the show was becoming irrelevant.

I’m possibly about to jump the shark but probably like the writers on the show it is hard for me to have true perspective from my position.

A big reason for the blog has been to carry the torch of what a real cancer journey looks like. I’ve shared some very personal stuff, both physically and mentally, but it’s all been in an effort to give an honest reflection of what someone you love may be going through, it’s a way for you to be better prepared to support.

When I wrote the posts about using cow udder cream on my nuts due to rash, or I showed how I used a blow drier on my junk, well that was raw (pun intended). I’ve done others but those make me giggle right now cause they were more just having to deal with symptomatic side effects.

Today my stool wasn’t black. It was brown. It may mean the internal bleeding is stopping or slowing.

When I inspected it I almost cried. I certainly gave a big ‘YES’!

Then I wanted to share cause it’s a real story and part of the journey. Then I stopped. Overthought it a bit more. Then realized maybe I’m not only tackling North Americans inability to discuss death and disease, but I’m tackling our phobia of discussing bodily functions like 💩.

Actually now that I’ve said it I’m pretty confident I didn’t jump the shark.

Unless of course you think I should show a picture?


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