Olympic Smiling

I think I have finally figured out how I can compete in the Olympics. It’s a stretch, but hear me out.

If I can get them to relook at the proposed new sports of sport climbing, skateboarding and surfing, and be open to a brand new conceptual sport called Smiling, then I am well on my way to at minimum a participation ribbon.

On my body, and I just tested by pressing each part, there seems to be only one group of muscles that are developing vs atrophying. One part of my body that is getting stronger vs. weaker.

And that is my cheeks. The ones on my face, my ass has gone completely AWOL.


And as a result my smile is strong. Strong enough to be ready for competition. And if you ask me the Olympics, and the world for that matter, could use some more smiles.

A smiling competition would make for great TV globally. It’s the one universal truth that smiling and laughter are consistent across the globe. Everyone loves a good smile.

And the Olympics and steroids have had an awkward time for so many years, maybe this is the event that they can collaborate on.

Oh, and if you are confused this post is about my big puffy cheeks that have come about as a result of dexamethasone (steroid) that I have been on for a while. The name commonly used to describe this side effect is ‘moon face’ and is quite common for those on higher doses.


The steroids have been helpful in many ways but I’m happy to be slowly weaning off dexamethasone - so I think I am at peak moon face.

If you see me and want me to flex my moon face muscle let me know, I’d be happy to smile for you.