Somehow I think I am being tested for resilience. Or maybe patience. I say this cause I’m back in another waiting room, this time getting some skin cancer cut off my temple.

Having Mohs surgery as we speak, well not exactly right now but certainly sitting in the waiting room is part of the process so technically I’m accurate. With this surgery they cut the skin off then send it to a lab to see if any of the cancers cells are still left on the body.

And in my case, as I type this I have had two cuts and am waiting for the results. You can see the results after first cut, the red ink in the drawing is where he had to go back to on number two.

Looks like they got it on the next cut so they stitched me up and set me free.

We did however have to have a conversation as the forehead doesn’t have a lot of elasticity to it so Dr. S needed to pull some skin away from the eye. But the tricky part was to ensure my left eyebrow wasn’t going to end up higher than my right thus leaving me with a perpetual inquisitive look.

Either way I’m considering it a free eye lift with a side of tough guy.

I took photos along the way, including one of me on a magazine cover showing what I used to look like before a few other surgeries and treatments…I miss that hair. And it’s weird seeing that guy when you are feeling so beat up sitting on an operating table.

All in days work as the perpetual patient with persnickety patience.

Patient Patience

Olympic Smiling