Muskoka Returns

‘See you next year’ - it’s a simple yet oft used sentence every season in Muskoka. This year, even more so than last year, the sentence was packed with an inordinate amount of meaning and emotion.

These days, especially since my journey has such peaks and valleys, the concept that I may not be back again next year was a prevalent one. So when we get together with friends this is the prevailing mood in the room when we say goodbye. I am asked to give my assurance that I will see them again in 2020. It’s the same idea every year but this year the tears and emotion attached to many final hugs was quite profound. And while it made for more than the usual goodbye stress it made the moments even more precious.

For the last five years, yes it’s been five years since I came here after having an appendix and kidney removed, I feel like I have been coming to Muskoka to convalesce. Seems each summer the timing has been such that a surgery was at hand prior to arrival. And as far as locations to get better mentally and physically there are not many better.

I am always grateful for the hospitality of Geoff and Shirley, my awesome in-laws, and I am thrilled that we see Kim and Rod (bonus this year with my nephew Fuzzy) every year, and even more appreciative of their ongoing efforts to keep the Muskoka dream alive.

Tracey and Amanda are without a doubt in their happy place while cottaging, and it makes my heart sing to know they can still manage some time there even though I continually throw wrenches into the system. Tracey has done such a great job of curating the circle of awesome people that we get to visit and so many of them have become incredible friends that I cherish with all my heart.

I look forward to seeing everyone next year, and as per the past five years I promise to change my hair yet again!


Brain Fog