Moh Gawd

If you are going to be on Dexamethasone and/or Cabozantinib I suggest you refrain from having surgery.

And it seems that the combination of both is even worse for recovery from the procedure.

Six weeks ago I had the Mohs surgery to remove some squamous cancer cells from my temple. Tomorrow I am going in to the dermatologist to have the surgery site looked at as it’s not doing so well.

I believe the steroid made the skin too thin to hold the stitch so the seal broke. And now the chemotherapy is not letting the wound heal properly.

As I walk down the street children scream, women recoil and men want to grab pitchforks to rid the area of the Frankenstein coming toward them.

Ok it’s not that bad.

Barely notice it right??

Yup, it’s gross.

Yup, it’s gross.

Hot Stone

Still Awesome