Just Keep Laughing


My pal Dave is about to kick off his fifth season of Dave Kelly Live and I couldn’t be more happy.

Happy for him and happy for me.

It’s obvious why I’d be happy for him, this show often sells out, it’s uniquely hilarious, sometimes serious, always informative and is so great for our city. Dave brings together such interesting people and stories that showcase how great our city truly is.

People walk out of the theatre feeling better. Simple as that.

I couldn’t be more proud of him and am thrilled to have been a part of it from the beginning. It’s another one of the activities that I get to look forward to when I’m feeling crummy.

I just read a blog post he just wrote, you can see it on his website (link) in which he captures a recent conversation between the two of us. What’s not in that post is the fact that the true reason for my participation in the show is to keep me laughing. A few years ago he asked if I was still keen to be on stage after my hospital stay, and of course I said yes. I wouldn’t miss it unless shit was really going sideways.

Tracey knows this all too well. She knows how important laughter, people and adventure are to me. She’s explained this to Dave on many occasions. And Dave takes this task seriously.

So here we are, one month away from the start of our fifth season and I couldn’t be happier. Happy for Dave but possibly happier for me that I can still be the Jerk’s pin cushion.

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