Sheldon Chumir

Ok, so I did a rant last night.  Today I found out why I was so miserable.

Today I decided it would probably be a good idea to go emerg as I hadn't slept in days due to this infernal cough.  

This post is going to be a live feed as the day progresses.  Got to Sheldon Chumir at 9:35 am.

Answered a lot of questions about my health and medication, colour of my mucous, colour of my urine. Stethoscopes on back and front to listen to my lungs. Blood pressure, temperature, Oxygen levels.

Just took blood samples, blood culture, and am hooked up to an IV with antibiotics. 10:07 am.

Was just given codeine to suppress the cough and Tylenol for the fever.

Next up is to give them a urine sample followed by an X-ray.  It is 11:00 am.

Proud to say I totally nailed the X-Rays and performed well on the urine sample. Except the part where I washed my hands and soaked my gown. Just had to explain to the nurses that I didn't pee myself.

It is now 11:51 am and we are waiting on one test result before meeting with the Dr again.  

Side note the Dr has Village and Brewsters in his fridge, and the whole team has been invited for beers! 

So far there have been four different nurses and each one was super awesome friendly and funny. 

Just did temp, blood pressure and oxygen levels check and seems temp is still going up. Blood pressure is high but the drugs have done this since day one so no surprise and oxygen is good at 97%. White blood cell count is low. 

Happy I finally came in.  I think I was getting worse not better. Still feel like it's getting worse. Probably should have done this a week or two ago. I'm a dumbass.

12:36 pm. Dr S. just came in to give me my results. I have PNEUMONIA.  

The Dr is calling the oncologist now to see what the next steps are. I really hope I don't have to be transferred to a hospital...fingers crossed. 

Third IV bag was just started. It's 1:04 pm and the day is dragging on. Battery power on phone must be preserved. Will stare at wall instead. 

Yippee, was just told I can escape back to my home instead of going to another hospital. Am on antibiotics for 7 days and will need to meet with Dr R. this week. 

I am also on forced bed rest. 

Its 1:16 pm and I have just had the IV removed and can head home. 

Sheldon Chumir team was brilliant!! 

The saga continues. 

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