Bag Balm

Some posts are written in order to purge negative stories out of my system, other posts are written in order to share calm or nice inner thoughts, other posts are just to make me laugh. If you happen to laugh as well then that is even better. But no mistake be made, I do this to make myself laugh at the whole adventure. It's the only way.

I have learned along this cancer journey that I am not orally fixated, instead I am either junk or anal focused. Maybe a bit of each actually as it seems an inordinate amount of my posts centre around the nether region. Either that or I find penis and bum jokes funny.

Maybe a combination of them all.

No, bum and pee pee jokes crack me up. Get it, crack me up. Damn, that's good.

Ok, enough of that, back to the post.

What was once an exploding ass problem seems to have been managed. These days I have been fighting a rash on the junk (as you saw by blow drier post of October 27). This photo shows you the various attempts to manage this rash and as of today I have it down to a mild red irritation which is awesome.

After going through all the above attempts, it seems the one that has won the battle is the very simple bath followed by a water and vinegar douche (1 part vinegar and 4 parts water), followed by a bit of a blow job. Ahem, with the setting at air, no heat.

So if you have this issue when taking Sutent then try this first. Although if you google it you will find that the group recommends bag balm. And the best part about bag balm is you can only buy it at UFA or specialty animal shops as it is used by farmers to moisten chafed cows udders.

Yup I went there. I put cow udder cream on my nutsack. 

Thought I'd milk that for a joke, but decided to be mature about the whole thing.


I just saw a post on my pal Julie's facebook page. I can't help but feel it was meant to be on this blog as well.

How you feeling?

Sheldon Chumir